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Sophia Antoinella

Wild West Exodus


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Referencia: WEX181112004

Tipo: Wargames


Ficha Técnica

The once famous explorer Ponce de Leon and his conquistadors were subjected to a mix of Watcher blood and tropical jungle water. What they call the fountain of youth has now kept them alive for hundreds of years endlessly searching for the source. Their influence over the Mexican people and robust army has pushed them to the door step of the country's boarder. The men of the Golden Army know of only one thing, fight until dead or until the enemy is destroyed. This horde faction sends an endless supply of men to battle. They are led and protected by the destructive weapons of the conquistadors directing them from the rear. They will soon push across the border ready to destroy any army that stands in their way.

The times they are a changin’ and it is up to every citizen of the West to stand up and defend what is theirs (or take what’s someone else’s). In the heart of this dangerous world can be found the Ladies of the West. Never to be underestimated, these skilled warriors are the equal or better of most of the men that cross their path! Many a shootout has been won due to the quick thinking and actions of one of these deadly femme fatales.

When her husband and children were killed by Union soldiers it would have been an easy thing for Sophia Antoinella to simply give into her grief and accept the pity of her community. But rather than be torn apart by misery, Sophia took her broken heart and fashioned it into a beating war-drum of retribution. Grabbing her husband's trusty rifle she sought out Pancho Villa's growing band of outlaws. When she was snubbed by Villa and told to go home and mourn her children, a lightning fast shot from her rifle blew the cork from the top of a nearby tequila bottle. From that moment, Sophia's place amongst Villa's company was assured.

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